Every Sunday we cover several levels and do not require a partner to learn. Perfect for those who are new to the area or those who can’t convince their significant other to come along.  Take our class for recreation, exercise or pure enjoyment.  Lessons are on-going and can be attended on a drop-in basis every Sunday at Chevy Chase Ballroom.

Sunday :

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
– Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
– Social dancing: Dance to a mix of Timba and Salsa

Fees: Cash Only
– Lessons and Social dancing $20.00

***** New Class *****

What do you get when you cross salsa dancing with casino? Sal-sino! Saoco will be teaching “Sal-sino: Partner Work for the Uncommitted Social dancer” once a month. You might ask – Why would I want to do that? Well…Experience with and exposure to more than one dance style is important for creating versatile dancers. Get a taste of alternative ways of moving and partnering. Learn the combination of skills and knowledge to be able to dance with most dancers socially. This class is geared toward Intermediate/Advanced casino and or salsa students who are looking to be more well-rounded dancers.

Our highly talented instructors are known for breaking down steps and building on layers within each level’s technical range.

Lesson Description:
Beginner: Teaches basic moves and techniques necessary to dance casino rueda.

Intermediate: Teaches your body to multitask and create more difficult combinations out of once seemingly simple moves.

Advance: Challenges individual with complicated yet fun combinations.

Social Dancing: Stick around after class and try out your new skills in a social setting. You get to dance with different people as well as instructors.